As the ink dries on a new hire contract, attention turns to onboarding. This critical sequence is one of the first employee experiences where employers can demonstrate organizational efficiency. If onboarding is unnecessarily complicated, its impact dwindles.

As companies expand over time, new hires may receive inconsistent onboarding sequences because training resources have been scattered throughout multiple departments in an organization. Countless valuable resources are hastily tossed into a file for new hires to muddle through during their first week in the office.

For start-ups or small businesses looking to make their new employee training more efficient, Aptree is the solution for you. Our Course Builder, Quiz Builder, and Learning Paths are the tools you need to make an employee's first couple of weeks on the team effective and meaningful.

The Aptree Course Builder helps HR professionals streamline scattered materials into a seamless onboarding experience with and easy-to-use, module-based learning tool. Human resource managers can create onboarding courses using existing company materials from essential departments. This step eliminates inconsistencies that may occur through individual department orientations.

The course builder accommodates various modes of content delivery including videos, images, HTML, and text. Externally derived media are also compatible with the course builder. Video content from professional associations can be integrated into a course and enhanced with supplemental material and assessments. Cut and paste from documents, add visually appealing photos, and incorporate knowledge checks throughout courses to facilitate an interactive learning experience.

As new hires work through onboarding courses, track their learning retention with the Aptree Quiz Builder. Managers can build quizzes and pair them with courses or insert them in Learning Paths to assess competency to determine future training needs.

Learning Paths enable managers to create linear or branching sequences with courses and quizzes to track the learner's progress. Strategically placed assessments within a learning path test the new hire's prior knowledge, preventing proficient employees from taking needless courses and saving the organization time and money. Aptree Learning Paths ensures that employee onboarding is dedicated to what they need to learn, not what they already know.

New hires come, and trainers go. Aptree guarantees that finely tuned training processes remain within the organization in a familiar learning system. A new trainer should be able to begin where their predecessor left off without having to piece together pertinent material for new hires. Let us help you accumulate knowledge within your organization with a simple solution to pass expertise along with ease.