Professional development is essential to reaching organizational goals. It is a mutually beneficial task for employees and organizations to have highly-proficient workers. According to the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, there is an opportunity to increase professional leadership development as 63% of Millennials note their leadership skills are not being developed. However, numerous training sessions to meet this need do not translate into meaningful employee development.

Professional learning will likely be redundant if training sessions feature the same foundational concerns and fail to build upon one another. Organizations must develop specific benchmarks to gauge professional growth to avoid informational redundancies–beyond the one-time assessment conducted at the end of a workshop. This strategy involves making the entire training process efficient, identifying real needs for successful training than having quantifiable means to determine their success. 

The key to avoiding redundant training is to gain insight from employees about real needs that affect reaching their daily, quarterly, or annual goals. As those sitting through the training, their perspective is valuable for content development to remain fresh and relevant to their needs. Employee perspectives offer an honest assessment of how they meet stated goals personally and corporately. Acquiring this information over time creates ongoing opportunities to identify areas of needed growth. 

We can Help!

The ApTree Survey Builder helps organization leaders build ongoing metrics to collect data to assess employee and organizational success benchmarks. The user-friendly survey builder allows leaders to create a battery of surveys to be sent out regularly to meet your needs. The customizable timetable is essential in determining realistic benchmarks for personal and business success.

The survey builder allows managers to establish benchmarks by replicating the survey regularly. Quarterly, semi-annually, or annual surveys offer real-time snapshots of employee progress if they are plateauing or if the content fails to address real needs. The survey is distributed via a hyperlink, which makes collecting feedback efficient, while the ApTree platform stores data for sorting, assessing, and identifying realistic benchmarks. 

Relying on regular employee feedback to establish realistic benchmarks for training is a great way to value employees’ perspectives. ApTree surveys are anonymous to ensure honesty without fear of negative consequences. Overall, creating an efficient process to ensure original material in training sessions bolsters company-wide engagement and the ability to reach your goals.