Nobody likes busy work. This is true of everything from tasks to regular professional development training sessions. Meandering professional development that lacks planning and assessment of genuine needs threatens organizational productivity. Generic professional learning may appear to be an efficient way to achieve corporate standards, but in the end, it amounts to busy work.  

Break out of generic training sessions by allowing your team to drive professional learning

Training sessions are usually top-down exercises that feature leaders passing along information to subordinates. While this strategy has its place, over time, it produces workshops that are disconnected from your team members' professional needs. A detached workshop makes for unengaged employees.  

The shortfall of the top-down strategy is its inability to gather observations and concerns from team members. Employee training needs can differ from a leader's perceptions. This difference is not inherently harmful, but it does present an opportunity to break out of generic training sessions that speculate staff training needs. Receiving employee perspectives to inform professional learning produces targeted training sessions and increased employee engagement. Incorporating the team in the professional development process confirms the value of their contribution to the organization. 

Use our easy, time-efficient tool to accomplish your goals

The Aptree Survey Builder is the best way to gather insights via customizable anonymous surveys. The survey builder allows leaders to create well-informed training sessions based upon employee feedback from every level of the organization.

The survey builder is a win-win solution: team members offer anonymous feedback on organizational and personal strengths and weaknesses for future training sessions, and leaders have the data points to address actual needs. Because blind surveys are essential to gathering honest feedback, the anonymity of the surveys allows team members to provide authentic feedback without fear of reprisal. Most importantly, the organization has a tangible way to give voice to employee perspectives and increase organizational effectiveness.

Deploying the survey is easy. The survey builder generates a hyperlink to be circulated by email or via an internal communications medium. The hyperlink opens a web browser for respondents to access the survey. Respondents will not need to create a user account which allows for gathering both internal and external feedback with ease. Our platform stores and organizes survey data in an easy-to-read write-up that can be filtered by custom demographics. The intuitive survey builder supports Likert Scale and open-ended responses to gather a wide range of feedback. By exploring survey data, leaders can tailor training sessions in the Aptree Course Builder to address shared needs and concerns.

Organizations are continually looking for ways to improve team dynamics and buy-in. Incorporating team members' insights into training sessions using the Aptree Survey Builder is an effective way to accomplish that goal.