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The Future of Online Learning

Aptree is a course authoring software that allows you to quickly create adaptive and competency based courses with your own content. Our AI engine automatically adjusts to your learners so every course is unique to that learner.

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We've made so many changes we're calling it a relaunch!

Course Authoring Simplified

Learning platforms are big and unwieldy and while they may manage students schedule and assignments rather well the core learning experience is lacking. When you build your courses on aptree you can port them to any learning platform or simply use our headless

Focus on the Experience

Aptree courses are designed with the learner in mind. Add your static content, record videos, or use our adaptive engine to automate the custom learning experience

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Integrate with your stack

Stuck using moodle, canvas, or other large platforms? Any course you author in Aptree can be exported into virtually any lms with built in support for scorm, xapi, cmi5 formats.

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Headless LMS

Are you a small team or freelancer? Our courses can be taken and tracked without your learners needing to create an account. Manage course delivery and tracking effortlessly without the hassle of an LMS

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We are bringing AI based adaptive learning to the masses. Get early access today and help us innovate! 

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The Anti-LMS

Learning platforms are big and unwieldy. Our tools simplifies and improves the authoring experience and gives you much simpler sharing options

Built in modern authoring tools to streamline your process

We have focused in on the learning and authoring experience, building a tool that can integrate with any lms that seriously upgrades your learners experience

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Generative AI Revolution

Get better engagement with an adaptive learning delivery system

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Truly Innovative and Results Oriented

Simply upload your content and explain your goals and objectives for the course. Our platform will learn your content and automate the delivery to your learner in a way only a one-on-one tutor could.

Upgrade the learning experience

An appealing, easy-to-use, multi-device learning experience is key to engaging your users. Say goodbye to static content your learners will just mindlessly click through.

Awesome Features

Aptree Core Features

Our mission is to simplify the course authoring and management experience. Flexibile export options, and magically create adaptive course content for the individual learner

AI course creation

Upload your content and let our adaptive engine dynamically present unique  content to each learner

Built in Course tools

All the tools you need in one place, including built-in screen recording and screen capture

No accounts needed

Track your learners without needing any new accounts, simply share a link or email invitation

Export for any LMS

Take your course content anywhere with you, export in SCORM, XAPI, CMI5 and upload into your platform

Quiz and Assessments

Generate quiz questions with AI or manually, measure competency in flexible ways

Unsplash integration

Automatically search and find images without worrying about attribution or licensing